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Chapter 2: lion ... father of a mouse?
the next morning and it was day and the Leo still asleep at that time did not know he had powers so use one to teleport into the kitchen and try to cook something. 5 minutes later he woke up wondering who cooks? when there who was cooking was discovered who he was and wonder.
Leo: You're cooking? you know how to cook?.
Me: if you want to eat?.
At that time he was still wondering how to cook but hunger and decided not to ask said.
Leo: Anything is fine.
Me: ok then waits for me because it can take a while.
after almost 30 minutes finished cooking and was surprised how much food he had done.
Leo: this is a lot! you're not going to eat?.
at that time to answer.
me: do not worry I ate something you just eat and do not worry.
when finished speaking he began to eat.
Leo: This is delicious! Thanks Sebastian.
me: there is no reason to be thankful I just wanted to cook because yesterday you looked hungry.
2 hours after eating I saw that he was already to late to get to work.
Leo: and I go to wo
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captulo 1: Leo el Len y Sebastian en Ratn
a hace un tiempo me encontré con alguien en G+ el dijo "hola soy Leo el león" y contesto diciendo "Hola soy Sebastián un pequeño ratón" como estaba detrás del otro lado de la computadora yo no podía ver su reacción pero al menos me podía imaginar el estaba un poco sorprendido después de un pequeño tiempo de hablar le pregunte si lo podía visitar como una cita de juego el aceptó y me dio de la dirección y la fecha en que estaría disponible para jugar y Leo dijo "te esperare para jugar" en ese momento no nos dijimos que edad teníamos. paso el tiempo y la fecha había llegado escogíamos jugar un vídeo juego preparamos los bocadillos y las bebidas para no haya interrupción mientras jugábamos durante mucho tiempo ambos jugamos hasta que el tiempo de juego término al final el resulto el ganador pero lo importante fue era divertirse después de un tiempo estábamos platicando h
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Chapter 1: The first meeting of the lion and mouse
a while ago I met someone at G + he said "hello i am Leo the Lion" and I answer by saying "hello i am Sebastian a little mouse" as he was behind the other side of the computer I could not see his reaction but at least I could imagine was a bit surprised after a little time to talk asked if I could visit as a playdate he accepted and gave me the address and the date that would be available to play and Leo said, "I'll wait to play" at that time did not tell us how old we were. spend time and date had come escogíamos play a video game prepare snacks and drinks there is no interruption while playing for a long time both played until game time term in the end turned out the winner but the important thing was it was fun after a while we were talking until sandwiches are over and now it was dark with clear that after a he again gave hunger to hear the growl in his stomach decided to go to my apartment but Leo stopped me and said "then already you you go but just we were having fun "to he
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quick snack by Overthelakepancake quick snack :iconoverthelakepancake:Overthelakepancake 20 11 playful squishing by Overthelakepancake playful squishing :iconoverthelakepancake:Overthelakepancake 24 120 Fairy Tail Aquarius by Joakoart25 Fairy Tail Aquarius :iconjoakoart25:Joakoart25 102 4 Fairy Tail Sagitario by Joakoart25 Fairy Tail Sagitario :iconjoakoart25:Joakoart25 52 5 Amber-1 by KingNi2
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Cat and Mouse
Fear gripped my belly as I watched the dragon from my hiding place. She had clearly caught something and, thankfully, it didn't appear to be human; it seemed as though another unlucky deer had crossed paths with her.
The animal's final struggles died away as a claw poked into its neck. The limb body was placed on a large stone table as a large, pink tongue ran itself over the predator's lips.
"Now don't move," she said playfully. "I'm going to go get one of your friends so you can have some company in my belly, ok?"
With that the dragon turned and walked out of the cave, spreading her wings and taking to the skies. I waited several moments just to be certain she was gone before I darted from my crack in the wall, sprinting towards the table.
Life had been like this for me for several months. The world was once run by humanity, a utopia for the once-dominant men and women of my race; that had changed about a year ago, however.
No one knows where they came from; some say they emerged fro
:iconbowtothedrow:Bowtothedrow 240 168
Party Night by caluriri
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Party Night :iconcaluriri:caluriri 11 3
Like What You See ? by caluriri
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Like What You See ? :iconcaluriri:caluriri 37 9
My Girlfriend the Furry 1
Most of us accept what we believe to be normal in this world. However things change, and so does our mood about the world’s normality. There are many a strange thing in this world, and when those things occur, each person reacts differently. Some accept these things for what they are, while others detest them. In our story it is actually preferred. Allow me to introduce you to our main character. Imagine a teenage boy, shy yet intelligent and loving. He has dark brown spiked hair and a long sleeved, light blue shirt. Along with Dark blue jeans and bright green tennis shoes. His name is Zachary Deltoid. Zachary leads a rather normal life. He lives in a normal house with is normal family including his normal parents and his normal sister. He goes to his normal school with all the other normal teenagers. And he lives in a normal neighborhood with normal people. But Zachary was growing tired of his normal life. He longed for some act of nature to change it, and make it more interestin
:iconzombieapple224:Zombieapple224 36 23
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